SAP Business Objects (BI)

Simplify, Enhance and Innovate

Self-service access to personalized, in-context BI content for better decisions, faster deployment, and better use of IT resources

Trusted data delivery to decision makers anytime, anywhere, on any device

Reduced IT workload with simplified maintenance and administration options


Key Functions and Features

SAP Lumira is your unified solution for data discovery and interactive analytic apps. Extend stories with scripting for offline BI applications

SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence to securely distribute information across your organization and answer new questions with predefined interactive reports

Microsoft Office integration with SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office for Office

SAP Crystal Reports for creation very simple to extraordinary reports with maximum insight and impact

Single server setup for easy deployment and manageable IT landscape


SAP Lumira for enterprise self-service visualization & data discoveryBusiness Analysts & End Users Self-Serve for Agile Decision Making

Combine enterprise & departmental data

Transform & wrangle data without scripting

Build engaging visualizations and stories

State of the art geo-mapping with ESRI & Galigeo

Add predictive forecasts and regressions without building a model

Enable enterprise self-service and big data discovery


SAP Web Intelligencefor self-service query and ad-hoc reportingIT & Business Analysts Create, End Users Interact & Modify As Needed

Build Reporting Books with a few clicks

Drag & drop attributes to build charts & tables on the fly

Ideal for end users who require interactivity

Drill down, Slice & Dice, sort, and filter

Save elements for re-use

Create through the a web or desktop interface


SAP Analysis for agile analysis on OLAP sourcesBusiness & Financial Analysts Create Reports and Workbooks in Excel

Complete multidimensional analysis in MS Excel with a direct connection trusted data

Create custom calculations and formulas with refreshable data

Combine planning & BI use cases in one single tool

Embed refreshable charts as live objects into MS PowerPoint Presentations

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