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SAP RollOut

Over the last 19 years, ISS Consulting has established itself as an SAP Rollout Specialists in Asia. We have helped a significant number of customers, such as Tyco, American Standard, DaimlerChrysler and many more, with roll-out Projects covering countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Australia and of course the countries in South-East Asia. Some of these rill-outs were successfully executed without local offices or consultants through systematic re-use of tools, templates and methodologies. With these projects, invaluable experiences were gained in the matters of SAP country versions, local legal requirements, double-byte scripting and template management. Many local requirements have had to be catered to by special ABAP programs. These are available from our Localization Programs Library for re-use, thus tremendously reducing development costs and project timelines.

Why ISS Consulting?

Experts for Roll-out Projects across Asia

In-depth Industry Experience in the private Sector

In-depth domain Expertise in Trading and Manufacturing such as Automotive, Chemicals, Mill, CPG, Hi-Tech – industries

Specialists in all areas of SAP Integration

SAP National Implementation Partner and SAP PlatinumLevel Partner

Process Overview: Local Roll-out Project

Setup roll-out project framework

Local Business Blueprint

Local Configuration

Test Management

E-Learning Management

Solution Transfer

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